What we do

What we do

Limerick Sports Partnership is dedicated to providing education and training to new and existing sports clubs and organisations throughout Limerick.  We also provide physical activity opportunities to target groups which are set at national level.  The LSP provide programmes such as active girls, meet and train, gaelic for girls, people with disabilities, older adult sports fests, mass participation events (run/walks/jogs/cycles), school completion physical activity programmes, sportshall athletics, company marathon challenge, desk to 5k training, Go for Life games, community sports hubs to name but a few.

The LSP has developed strong links with youth organisations i.e. Limerick Youth Service and Foroige in supporting and delivering physical activity opportunities and programmes.

Key activities relating to mass participation and physical activity i.e. runs, walks and cycle series are delivered in targeted locations throughout Limerick.  The Sports Partnership run events under National Initiatives namely BikeWeek, National Physical Activity Day, Active Schools Week and any other that may arise throughout the year.

The LSP run a number of schools initiatives namely Schools World Marathon Challenge, Sportshall Athletics, Kids Run for Fun and FitKids.Athletics and swim programmes are offered to all schools in Limerick and aim to get young people together with their families physically active. 

The Sports Partnership offer specifically developed programmes to schools to assist with training for these events.We also deliver a Nutrition and Physical Activity Workshop to all classes in a selection of primary and post primary schools throughout the year.

The LSP deliver programmes and activities to schools, clubs, organisations and community groups where access to physical activity opportunities may not always be available. 

We encourage and enable participation and physical activity for all and are able to do so because of the commitment and dedication of the staff and Board of Limerick Sports Partnership to “Getting Limerick Active”.




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