Sports Ability Programmes

Programmes and Events Hosted by Limerick Sports Partnership:


The Halliwick programme involves basic movement exercises in the water to increase people’s confidence, promote balance, improve mobility and overall well-being. The Halliwick programme is suitable for all ability levels and is especially beneficial as exercising in the water supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint discomfort. This programme can be linked with students and volunteers so participants are offered one-to-one guidance in the pool if assistance is required.



Being Well

The being well programme is a gym-based programme for people with disabilities. This programme enables participants to gain the skills needed to perform a safe and innovative programme in the gym that meets individual goals. Areas taught on this programme include:

  • How to warm up and cool down effectively and efficiently
  • Mobility exercises
  • Flexibility
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Muscle strengthening exercises using resistant bands, free weight exercises, dumbbell exercises, machine weights, medicine balls, kettlebells etc.
  • Cardiovascular exercises using gym cardio machines, boxing bags, aerobic steps, dance etc.
  • How to eat right while exercising
  • Overall health and Wellbeing Tips

This programme requires full commitment from each participant to engage in the programme from start to finish, it provides people with disabilities with the confidence and the skillset to continue gym sessions after completion of the programme.


Boccia – Pan Disability

Boccia is a non-contact, target driven sport, which relies on skill and subtlety, rather than size, strength or speed. The game is very similar to bowls in how it is played with three players on each team. One team has a set of red balls and the other team has a set of blue balls. A white ball known as the jack is rolled out first and the aim is to get your teams balls as close to the white ball /jack as possible. The Limerick Sports Partnership runs Boccia For All events and Boccia leagues throughout the year that caters for all ability levels.



Sports Inclusion Club

This programme provides physical activity opportunities for children with special needs aged 4-12years. The programme focuses on fun games and activities that work on gross motor skills which helps a child gain strength and confidence in his/her body. It also helps children get their daily exercise and physical activity requirements, which is important for a healthy lifestyle. By developing gross motor skills, it helps a child’s ability to do more complex skills in future activities, such as playing soccer with a team. The programme promotes children to interact with other children of similar ability levels, the focus is on the ability of the child rather than their disability. This club meets on Saturday and is facilitated by tutors, volunteers and supported by the SIDO.



Inclusive Aerobics

This programme has been run with disability services and mental health services across Limerick. The programme adapts aerobic exercises to meet the needs of the group, this ranges from starting with chair aerobics and progressing to a low- moderate intensity aerobic workout. Participants and Service users are encouraged to learn the aerobic routines as to continue the exercise in their facility once the programme is completed.



Inclusive Cycling Workshops & Programmes

Inclusive cycling runs for 6weeks and coaches’ children with disabilities how to cycle a bike. Participants often start off with bike stabilisers or need support when on the bike, week by week children learn and master the skills of balance, coordination and concentration to cycle without any supports.

Inclusive Cycling Workshops are held during Bike Week each year and provide information on Safe Cycling and cycling tips and techniques.



Inclusion Camps

Inclusion Camps are hosted yearly for children /teenagers with disabilities. These camps offer people with disabilities opportunities to participate in a range of different sports and activities provided by development officers and disability organisations that are adapted to meet individual abilities and needs.

Ellie Camp


SportsAbility Day 

The Sportsability & Expo Day is the biggest LSP event of the year for Inclusion Sports. Each year it attracts over 250participants with a disability. The aim of the day is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to come and try out new or existing activities in a safe and fun environment while also creating the links to the clubs and organisations providing the sport. NGB development officers, disability organisations, clubs, groups and free lance instructors run taster activities that are adapted for all types of disabilities on the day. There is also an area for disability organisations to have a stand to advertise any programmes and events or opportunities for people with disabilities in Limerick. It is a great networking event for development officers and disability organisations to see what is going on in Lim

erick and also to see how different activities are adapted to meet the needs of a group. This is a great day for people with disabilities to increase their physical activity levels by finding a sport or activity that they would like to get involved with. The SportsAbility Day is an annual event held in late November/early December. 


Come & Try Days

These events are smaller versions of the SportsAbility day, they create awareness around physical activity opportunities available in Limerick for people with disabilities.  The day is run as a 'Come & Try' where all participants are rotated from station to station where taster activities and sports are provided. This event allows people with a disability try out activities that they may have never seen or participated in before while also making the links to clubs, groups and organisations.





Disability Awareness Training –

This workshop is designed to build awareness around people with disabilities participating in community sport and physical activity. It is an interactive workshop that covers perceptions, communication and etiquette, understanding disability and inclusion and readiness along with local initiatives for people with disabilities

Autism in Sport Workshop –

This 3hour workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of Autism focusing on the delivery of sport. It will help participants to recognise and understand key areas of difference as well as looking at practical strategies which will help to include people with autism in sport sessions.

Disability Inclusion Training:

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to adapt and modify your sport, physical activity or physical education sessions to make them more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

Attendees will be engaged through interactive group work, theory content and will be introduced to adaptation tools which will be applied to a variety of games and activities on how to make these inclusive for all ability groups.

On completion of the workshop all participants will receive a Cara Certificate of Attendance endorsed by Sport Ireland, a resource manual and a games booklet full of fun inclusive activities.



Inclusive PE

This is a one-day in-service training course specifically for mainstream Primary School teachers - An Introduction to Inclusive Physical Education, Primary.

The course looks at how you can adapt the individual strands of the PE curriculum (as opposed to just game activities) to include all children. This course is delivered by NCSE facilitators and delivered as an in-service so that teachers can access it during school time.

Please see link below for further information on the course, bookings for the course can be made directly through the NCSE website