New Year New Start

New Year New Start 2020 (click on flyer to register):

Programme will start on Friday 10th January - TRY SOMETHING NEW :-)!!!

New Year New Start 2020



The summer fitness challenge is a programme that promotes different forms of physical activity with the hopes of encouraging people to increase the amount of physical activity they do each week.

This programme is open to males and females 16+ years

The programme is run over 8 weeks and involves 3 physical activity sessions per week. The sessions include:

Monday classes (7.00-8.00pm) - walking/jogging/running. Participants are placed in groups according to fitness levels and instructed on routes around the Castletroy area to go. The majority of the classes are held outdoors but if the weather is very bad this class can be done indoors

Wednesday classes (7.00-8.00pm) – Circuit classes, this is a full body workout that incorporates lower body, upper body, core and endurance training. Suitable for all levels as participants works to a level that suits them

Friday classes (6.30-7.30pm) – come and try fitness class, this session introduces participants to different fitness classes each week. This session enables participants to try activities that they might not usually try in the hopes that they will find a fitness class that they would continue in the future. Classes include boxercise, spinning, insanity classes, keetlebells, etc.

Monitored progress

At the start of every programme participants will take part in a short fitness test that evaluates weight, strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. On the last day of the programmes participants will repeat the same tests and a comparison is made on fitness levels prior and after programme.


Registration - €5 per person (once off payment when you register online for programme) Session cost - €3 per session (payable at the UL Sport Arena reception)

For more information please contact Tracy on 061333600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.