Limerick Sports Partnership

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Limerick Sports Partnership

The aim of Limerick Sports Partnership is “Getting Limerick Active” together with:

Increasing participation in sport.

  • Ensuring that local resources are used to best effect.
  • A mechanism to co-ordinate the efforts of all key influencers to further develop sporting opportunities for local communities.
  • A vital link between the needs of local people, the work of other sports organisations/officers and national agencies and state agencies.

Limerick Sports Partnership is based in UL Sport Arena at the University of Limerick.  This location provides us with access to a weekly footfall of 12-15,000 people while also creating links and relationships from grassroots, education and professional sport.

The LSP is an inter-agency and multi-sector organisation established as a limited company with representatives from all the main statutory, community and voluntary fora represented on a dedicated Board of Directors.

The role of Limerick Sports Partnership is:

Information: establish a consultative forum, initiate research, compile a sports directory and database, and identify needs and resources to form the basis of local planning.

Our website is an information sharing hub for clubs and individuals. We will continue to provide information in relation to upcoming funding streams as soon as they become available.  Information sharing and dissemination is key to the success of local clubs/groups and organisations.  Any information not available on our website make sure to contact us directly through direct messaging or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Education: overall objective to provide quality opportunities for education and training at local level, provide training courses targeting volunteers, provide access to sports specific courses through the National Governing Bodies of Sport. 

We run a number of education and training courses namely Safeguarding 1, 2 and 3, Active Leadership and Sports First Aid.  Through our seminar series we continue to offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for all coaches and teachers.

Implementation: develop a strategic plan for local sport, select participation programmes for LSP’s modified to suit local needs, increase impact of national programmes delivered locally, market and promote sport.

The Limerick Sports Partnership Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (click to download) was developed in partnership with our Stakeholders and Partners and identifies the requirements of targeted groups throughout Limerick. 

We endeavour to tackle the rise in obesity issue together with providing education and training to sporting clubs and groups so that proper Governance is in place throughout!

For more information about the Limerick Sports Partnership find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@LimerickSports)